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Clear To Close Process

Understanding Clear to Close for VA Buyers Clear to Close Issued. When your loan officer calls to say your loan is Clear to Close (ctc). adjusting insurance coverage dates. Depending on your insurance company and when. Closing Disclosure. Until the Closing Disclosure is approved the closing.

A clear to close on mortgage (CTC) is ultimately the finish line in the mortgage process. A clear to close is when the mortgage lender have processed the mortgage loan application. Clear To Close are issued by mortgage underwriters. Prior to CTC, the mortgage underwriter has underwritten the mortgage loan.

 · So, let’s assume all is good, you’ve got the clear to close and you schedule your closing.

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Clear to close means that the lenders and underwriters have looked at everything and are able to move forward with the loan process. As of now, they are probably looking through your finances and details about the property to make sure that everything is in place to proceed to the next step.

"Clear to close" simply means that your file has passed all requirements from the underwriter and your docs can be ordered and forwarded to the closing agent. (That is a good thing!!!!). Generally, the timing for "clear to close" runs the gamut between lenders.

 · Being clear to close (CTC) means you have satisfied all the lender’s requirements and can get your loan documents and close any time.

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Clear to close is one of the final stages before your loan is funded. CTC means that the underwriter has reviewed and approved all necessary documents and you’ve passed with flying colors. In other words.the lender is ready to show you the money!

There may be additional documents required by the QC or Fraud Prevention department at the investor which cannot be produced. Issues with the property or the seller may be discovered during the qc/fraud prevention process. This is NOT a done deal. Clear-To-Close – Provided within hours of the investor’s receipt of the full loan package ah.

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