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The Good & Bad of Rent to Own/Lease to Own In a rent-to-own deal, the person or company that owns a home agrees to sell it to you in the future for a specific price. rent you pay now is counted toward your future down payment on the house. But these deals can be risky – and even flat-out scams. Sometimes people find out: the "seller" doesn’t really own the property

On the surface, rent-to-own deals can seem like a great idea. If you have shaky credit or lack sufficient financing, a rent-to-own plan can allow you to work toward homeownership. The premise is simple: You pay monthly rent toward the purchase of the home, and at the end of the set term, you’ll own the property.

One might also have a real estate and/or land attorney review all rent to own agreements before signing anything (worth a 100 – 150 dollars to have your documents reviewed), and as Derek W. notes, do your due diligence on the property you are considering to see if it is in the process of foreclosure, and continue to monitor the situation.

Rent-to-own housing is touted as a good deal for homeowners who have trouble selling and buyers who can’t get conventional financing, either due to poor credit or because they don’t quite have enough money for a down payment.. get a lawyer to review any contract; deal only with licensed.

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The rent-to-own store was much higher: Their cash out the door price was over $800, and their 16-month financing, depending on which interest rate you qualified for, meant you’d pay a total of between $960 over a 12-month period or nearly $1,200 over a 16-month period for that TV.

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Are you looking for , a house to rent or an apartment for rent? Why rent a home, when you can own one? Here at First Access Rent to Own we know what it takes to get you in the home you deserve. Stop wasting money on rent.

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Do you dream of home ownership but don't have a great credit score, a long work history or the money for a downpayment? If so, Rent to Own is an option that.

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