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Should you rent or should you buy your home? It takes more than looking at your mortgage payment to answer this question. The Home Rent vs. Buy calculator.

The Rent vs. Own Calculator calculation is based on the information you provide and a 2% rate of inflation. Calculation assumes the interest rates and amortization time frame that you provide remain the same over 10 years. Rates and amortization may vary in real life scenarios.

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Rent vs Buy Calculator for Investors, Financial Independence and Early Retirement.

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Are you curious as to the difference in cost between renting and buying a home? Below is our rent vs. own calculator that is specifically designed to show you the differences in cost between being a renter and an owner.

Rent Versus Own results. customized rent versus own analysis is based upon:. An initial monthly rental payment of $1,500.00 You are considering buying a home valued at $200,000.00, with a down payment of 3.5% or $7,000.00.Your monthly mortgage payment of $1,036.07 includes both principal and interest and is based upon a loan amount at an interest rate of 5%.

Rent vs buy? Use our calculator to see what your rent payment would equal in terms of a mortgage amount. Visit RBC Royal Bank to get started.

The calculator keeps a running tally of the most common expenses of owning and renting. It also takes into account something known as opportunity cost – for example, the return you could have.

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Free calculator to compare the financial aspects of renting vs. buying a house or to learn more about either. The calculator accounts for interest, property tax, income tax, insurance, fees, opportunity cost, as well as many other factors. Also explore other calculators addressing real estate, finance, math, fitness, health, and many more.

Rent Vs. Own Calculator. Calculate the difference between renting and buying a home. monthly rent. annual rent Increase. Monthly Renter's Insurance.